Why BR?

Mercury is toxic in all forms, which is why it is pertinent that lamps and other devices containing mercury are properly disposed of. Under Federal and State hazardous waste laws, lamp users are responsible for complying with these standards.  Most people I have talked to want to properly dispose of their mercury lamps, but have no idea where to take them. Many people don’t even know which lamps contain mercury! If you are one of these people, don’t feel intimidated. We will walk you through what you need to know. After all, one of our primary goals is to educate! Mercury(Hg) is found in a variety of common household products, from light bulbs to thermostats. Once in our environment, mercury can not be removed. It’s most common routes of exposure are inhalation and ingestion(i.e. water supply, broken lamps).

Brite Ideas disposes of mercury lamps with a machine called a bulb eater. Part crusher, part vacuum, this machine sits on top of a 55 gallon steel drum and crushes the lamps while containing the fumes and waste. It meets all OSHA and EPA regulations. Once the barrels are filled, we schedule a pick-up with a universal waste recycler and they come and collect them. The waste is then sorted through and processed at one of their facilities. Our recycler provides Brite Ideas with a certificate of recycling. This certificate ensures that all universal waste has been properly disposed of in accordance with all state and federal regulations. This is especially important for general and electrical contractors and business owners who want to potentially avoid hefty fines from the EPA for improperly disposing of mercury light bulbs. We also cater to homeowners who want to participate in lamp recycling! Homeowners are our biggest ally! Homeowners are on the frontline for lamp recycling. At the end of the day, we’re all just homeowners of the Earth. We all live here. We drink the water, give it to our children, bathe in it, water our gardens with it, provide our local livestock with it. Most families in our area are environmentally conscious of this concept and are eager to support its vitality. By recycling your mercury lamps, you are directly contributing to your health and well-being!