You as contractors have a huge opportunity to make an impact in our communities regarding lamp and ballast recycling. It’s as simple as offering the option to your customers to recycle their lamps and ballasts rather than fill their own landfills with mercury, glass, and electronic waste. Most homeowners who live in our area understand how fortunate we are and are excited to have the opportunity presented to them to help preserve their own back yards. Not only that, businesses and contractors are required by law to properly dispose of their mercury filled devices! With incentives like a  fine from the EPA of up to $250,000, who wouldn’t want to do their part. Brite Ideas offers certificates of recycling to contractors and business owners who need or want proof of proper disposal. If you are a contractor or business who has recycled your lamps or ballasts with Brite Ideas and would like to add your name to our list of supporters, click here. Brite Ideas Bulb Recycling urges all local homeowners to only utilize contractors who support the recycling of mercury lamps and electronic ballasts!  Together we can make a difference, one lamp at a time.